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This medicine did for my father, who suffers from fibromyalgia, what scores of doctors and tens of thousands of pills couldn’t – gave him his life back. Every medication had a side effect, and every new doctor would give him more medications to treat those effects. When his body stopped processing the pills, he nearly died. Since he began using these tinctures, he has started driving again, discovered new hobbies, and found that life is worth living.

Finding Fiddler’s Greens Harlequin tincture was life-changing for me. I’ve tried other high-CBD remedies, but found them to be kind of dirty and greasy (and overpriced!), and not nearly as effective in alleviating my neck/shoulder pain. This medicine just looks and feels cleaner – and, best of all, it works. Thanks, guys!

I grew up with my father being sick, depressed and forlorn. It has been a 30-year downward spiral. Thanks for developing this medicine. It has given me a chance to get to know my father as a healthy productive man, and given my little girl a grandpa who can keep up with her nonstop energy.

Your ACDC and Harlequin Tinctures have both made my life enjoyable and adventurous again! My husband brought them home for my lupus pain. They allowed me to participate in life this past weekend, instead of watching from the sidelines. Thank you for making a product that actually works and does what it says!

My mom started using your tinctures a few months ago. Her arthritis symptoms have almost completely disappeared and she has stopped taking 5 different pills. Thank you!

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